Alessio Miranda

General Manager - Corporate Audit Services


Alessio re-joined ING Group in September 2014 as the General Manager of Corporate Audit Services.  In the previous ten years, Alessio was the Audit Director for Retail and Wealth at Lloyds Banking Group for two years, the Audit Director for Aviva Europe for one year, the AIB Group Chief Internal Auditor for five years and the Barclays Internal Audit Director for Risk Management and Finance for two years. 


Prior to joining Barclays in 2004, Alessio was a Managing Director within ING Wholesale International Banking, mainly responsible for auditing investment banking, risk management and asset management businesses since 1997.  Previously he worked for Banca d’Italia (the Italian Central Bank), in their Supervision department for four years.


Alessio is a Chartered Accountant in Italy, MSc in Finance graduate at the London Business School, CFA Charterholder, Financial Risk Manager with GARP and Harvard Business School Advanced Management Programme (AMP 174) graduate.


Friday, 19th -11:20 to 12:10 a.m.

Session 1.2 - The Future of Internal Audit in Banking


The presentation offers a view on some of the key trends which may shape the future of the Internal Audit Function (IAF) in Banking in the next ten years, based on the key evolutionary and potentially disruptive trends impacting the Banking industry at an international level.  

Although the focus is on IAF of banks operating internationally and offering multiple products, via physical and digital channels, to retail and wholesale customers, most statements are applicable to all type of banks and similar players in the financial services sector.  

The presentation covers three main topics:

  1. The future of Banking, as relevant to predict the future of IAF

  2. The future of IAF

  3. How to start preparing today for such a future


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