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Internal Audit Services

European Court of Auditors

In April 2018, Elena moved to the Internal audit service of the European Court of Auditors which she joined in 2006 after one year and half at the European Commission. Initially, she worked as an auditor for the Statement of Assurance, and later in staff of Human Resources, Finance and General Services Director where she was in charge of the risk management.

Before moving to Luxembourg, she worked as an executive for different Italian public organisations from 1998, such as the Ministry of Economy and Finance where was a member of the Italian delegation at the EU for the Working Group on Ageing, the Italian National Commission of control on Pension Funds, and the Ministry of Transport and Navigation where she was the leader for the maritime and inland navigation team and responsible of the relevant chapter of the official publication “National Transportation Report”.

She graduated in “Economics and Business" (4-year university degree), and in “Law” (5-y. university degree), and specialised in "Law and Economics of the European Communities" (2-year postgraduate degree).


Elena is a Certified Accountant and Certified Auditor in Italy, expert comptable in Luxembourg, and CGAP.

Titre 1


Thursday, 19th -11:20 a.m. to 12:10 p.m.

Concurrent session 1.6 - Risk Management in the public sector of Italy: underestimation of the risks?

The Italian Parliament voted the Law 190/2012 (Provisions for preventing and combating corruption and illegality in public administration) which introduced the risk management instrument for fighting corruption on the prevention side next to the repression one, which brought to increase the penalties of the criminal offences against the public administration.

After a short introduction on the organisation of the risk management in the public sector of Italy and a short description of the methodology suggested by the National Authority Anti-corruption, the presentation will focus on the likely reasons of underestimating certain risks (e.g. non-compliance with the contractual maintenance obligations by the suppliers), taking the case of the Ministry of Infrastructure, in particular the Directorate in charge of the surveillance of the concessionary firms, which run the contract for maintenance of the motorways.

Some elements for reflection on how addressing the problems illustrated will conclude the presentation.

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