Iván Martin Maseda

Chief Technology Officer and Data Scientist


Iván is the Chief Technology Officer of Binfluencer, a data driven company leveraging the power of machine learning techniques to detect the most influential people in any sized market globally.


He is an Ex-McKinsey Data Scientist, software engineer specialized in Artificial Intelligence and has a master degree in Business Analytics and Big Data by the IE Business School. During his free time, he travels around the world to remote places looking for different ways of understanding human culture and the motivation to keep on learning.


Previous industry experiences include (not exhaustive):


  • Advanced Analytics deep dive in clients’ databases to detect and address commercial and technical leakage on an international European bank.

  • Advanced Analytics modelling of client behaviors to identify and prevent churn for an European Bank. 

  • Advanced Analytics modelling of broadband and TV usage of clients in order to predict churn, downgrade and opportunities to cross sale for a European Telecommunications company.

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