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Former Chief Audit Executive for AstraZeneca PLC from 2002-2009. Prior to that: various corporate and commercial finance roles, culminating as Head of Group Financial Reporting for AstraZeneca PLC and - after working on a Masters Degree In Management, seconded into HR to be head of Global Leadership Development programmes. 

Set up a consulting business in 2010 providing training, development and coaching in the following key areas: 

  • Lean/Agile Auditing (James is the author of Lean Auditing published by J Wiley in 2015),

  • Auditing Culture,

  • Root Cause Analysis for Internal Audit,

  • Influencing and Political Savvy for Internal Audit

Open courses with 12 IIA institutes across Europe, including Belgium, Estonia, Finland, Latvia, Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Switzerland, Sweden and the UK and also provide in-house training and specialist consulting to help enhance audit team effectiveness

Masters Degree in management, McGill University, Canada, specialising in organisational effectiveness and culture change. CIA qualified.


Friday, 20th -09:00 to 09:40 a.m.

Plenary Session 5 - The Politics of Internal Auditing

James has been running open and in-house workshops on the politics of internal auditing since 2012. In 2016 the IIA published their first book on the topic. James will share a number of “war stories” covering topics such as:

• How senior stakeholders can have unrealistic expectations about internal audit’s role and what it should do; 
• How audits can be “weapons”;
• How support from the audit committee and senior managers can fade when there are cost pressures; 
• How easy it is for internal audit to find itself “stuck in the middle”

He will also talk about how to see politics as a necessary part of being an effective internal auditor, and help you recognise and deal with “foxy managers” (who are hard to deal with).  


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