Michael Golitsch

Managing Director Group Audit

Commerzbank AG

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Michael Golitsch is a Managing Director in Group Audit of Commerzbank AG. Since he joined Commerzbank AG in 2017, Michael leads the departmental global change programme,  which was designed to strengthen Group Audit‘s processes, methodologies and tools in order to effectively deliver on the departmental vision.


Prior to that, Michael Golitsch held various positions at Credit Suisse Internal Audit, such as Audit’s Global Chief Operating Officer, Chief Auditor Trading Switzerland and Head Internal Audit Germany. Michael has
excelled in Commerzbank’s Digital Leadership Challenge in 2018 and holds a diploma in business administration, majoring in banking and auditing.



Friday, 20th -12:10 p.m. to 13:00 p.m.

Concurrent session 7.2 - Introducing change in Group Audit of Commerzbank AG - benefits and challenges

Actively dealing with “Change” is of utmost importance for all organizations to survive!  Social, industry and regulatory developments and related expectations by our key stakeholders require us to continuously question the status quo. This presentation will provide you with an insight into the transformational program that Group Audit of Commerzbank has initiated in response to external and Bank internal challenges. Amongst other topics, it will focus on the approach chosen to deal with digitalization but also will talk openly about dependencies  and complexities.

with  Andrea Bracht - Chief Internal Auditor Commerzbank AG


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