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In addition to the keynote speaches and plenary sessions, you can tailor the programme to suit your needs by choosing from around 30 concurrent sessions from the different streams below.

French translation will be available for plenary sessions and some concurrent sessions.

Wednesday, 18th September 2019

Thursday, 19th September 2019

09:00 - 09:10   Welcome Session

Hannah Vaughan Jones - Journalist and Presenter, CNN International

09:10 - 09:25   Opening Session

Farid Aractingi - ECIIA President

Leticia Lucas - IIA Luxembourg President

09:25 - 10:15   Plenary Session 2 - The Internal Audit Function of the Future 

Phil Gerrard, Director Internal Audit EMEA, Inc

Jenny Morgan, Senior Vice-President Risk Management & Audit, Burberry PLC

Francis Lefevre, Vice-President Internal Assurance, ArcelorMIttal

Paul Koechlin, Director Internal Audit, Cargolux Airlines

Panel Moderation: Anne-Sophie Minaldo, Partner, KPMG Luxembourg

10:15 - 10:50   Plenary Session 3 - Adroit Auditing in a Transforming World

Jenitha John, IIA Global Senior Vice Chairman of the Board and Chief Audit Executive FirstRand Ltd

C.S. 1.1 - Professional Practices

C.S. 1.2 - Financial Sector

The Future of Internal Audit in Banking

Alessio Miranda, General Manager Corporate Audit, ING

C.S. 1.3 - Governance, Risk and Compliance

C.S. 1.4 - Technology

Explainable AI for IA - Opening the black box will become a priority

Julie Batsch, Risk Assurance Partner, PwC Luxembourg

Christophe Daudrix, Risk Assurance Director, PwC Luxembourg

Marc Damez-Fontaine, Director - Data Science Leader, PwC France

C.S. 1.5 - Public Sector

Climate at Risk: a Risk Management approach

Chitro Majumdar, Chief Founder, Managing Director & Chief Strategist of Models, RsRL

Dr. Luc Neuberg, Chairman, ALRiM - Luxembourg Association of Risk Management

Prof. Dr. Martin Vogt, Professor, Trier University of Applied Sciences

C.S. 2.1 - Professional Practices

The Inevitability of Change: Internal Audit and the New Frontier

Karem Obeid, Chief Audit Executive, Tawazun Economic Council

C.S. 2.2 - Financial Sector

Agile in Audit

Glen Gauci, Audit Manager - UK Operations Lead, Bank of Ireland UK

Peter O'NeillInternal Audit Portfolio Lead, Bank of Ireland UK

C.S. 2.3 - Governance, Risk and Compliance

Adapting Internal Audit to a maturing Risk Landscape

Mouhamadou Diagne, Inspector General Group Internal Audit, The Global Fund

C.S. 2.4 - Technology

Digital Transformation and Internal Audit Impact

John Olwal, Director and Global IT Lead, Novartis

en français

C.S. 2.5 - Public Sector

Les Vulnérabilités : Une Nouvelle Métrique

Anne de Luca, Internal Auditor, État-Major des Armées (French Army)

C.S. 3.1 - Professional Practices

Internal Audit 3.0 - The Future of Internal Audit is Now

Peter Astley, Lead Internal Audit Partner, Deloitte

C.S. 3.2 - Financial Sector

C.S. 3.3 - Governance, Risk and Compliance

Using Technological Change to Improve Operational Risk Management

Dr. Ariane Chapelle, Associate Professor, University College London

Panel Discussion on AML

Renata Hoes, Chief Compliance Officer, Generali Investments Luxembourg S.A.

Stéphane Badey , Partner, Arendt Regulatory Consulting

Gerard Green , Head of EMEA AML, Invesco Management S.A.

C.S. 3.4 - Technology

What is Machine Learning? Introduction to the Basic Concepts

Ivan Martin Maseda, Chief Technology Officer,  Binfluencer

C.S. 3.5 - Public Sector

Embracing the Challenges of the Future - How will Public Sector Internal Audit evolve over the next decade

Manfred Kraff, Director-General Internal Audit Service and Internal Auditor, European Commission

C.S. 4.1 - Professional Practices

WRAPS - How to make better decisions 

Dr. Rainer Lenz, Director Corporate Audit Services, SAF-HOLLAND Group

C.S. 4.2 - Financial Sector

Is Audit of Strategy Out of Reach for Internal Auditors? No it is not

Matej Drascek, Chief Audit Executive, LON d.d

C.S. 4.3 - Governance, Risk and Compliance

GDPR after 1 year implementation: the role of the Internal Auditor and the Risk Manager

Typhaine Beauperin, Chief Executive Officer, FERMA

Charlotte Gabet, Head of Public Affairs,  IFACI

C.S. 4.4 - Technology

Detecting Outliers on your Daily Operations: Fraud and New Behaviors

Ivan Martin Maseda, Chief Technology Officer,  Binfluencer

C.S. 4.5 - Public Sector

Implementing Public Internal Audit Standards: Learning from the UK Experience

Jo Rowley, Deputy Director - Audit Practices, Government Internal Audit Agency UK

Friday, 20th September 2019

C.S. 5.1 - Professional Practices

Risk in Focus 2020 Hot topics for Internal auditors

Liz Sandwith, Chief Professional Practices Advisor , Chartered IIA UK

C.S. 5.2 - Financial Sector

Introducing Change in Group Audit of Commerzbank - Benefits and Challenges

Andrea BrachtChief Audit Executive, Commerzbank AG

Michael GolitshManaging Director Group Audit, Commerzbank AG

C.S. 5.3 - Governance, Risk and Compliance

Audit Committees and Internal Auditors: how to best work together?

Virginie Lagrange, Independent Non Executive Director, ILA Board and Management Committee member

Norman Finster, Chief Internal Auditor, Chairman of the IIA Luxembourg 2016-2017

John Li, Independent Non Executive Director, Partner, The Directors’ Office 

Katrin Wehr Seiter, Independent Non-Executive Director; Managing Director, Partner, BIP Investment Partners I BIP Capital Partners

Ruth Bueltmann, Independent Non Executive Director, ILA Board and Management Committee member.

C.S. 5.4 - Technology

Auditing Cyber Security Risk: From Nuissance to Impact

Freddy Dezeure, Independent Consultant

C.S. 5.5 - Public Sector

Is Performance Auditing the Future of Internal Audit?

Helge S. Osttveiten, Director of Internal Audit and Investigations, United Nations Development Programme

C.S. 6.1 - Professional Practices

Internal Audit Excellence Supported by Technology and a Digital Boardroom

Larry C. Herzog Butler, Director of Internal Audit, Delivery Hero SE

Internal Audit - The Assessment in the Context of SSM Supervision

Floriana Grimaldi, Principal, DG-MS IV - Methodology and Standards Development, Single Supervisory Mechanism

C.S. 6.2 - Financial Sector

C.S. 6.3 - Governance, Risk and Compliance

Effective Governance - from rules to tools

Jan Wesseldijk, Chair, ecoDa (European Confederation of Directors Associations)

C.S. 6.4 - Technology

How to create a real Digital Internal Audit function?

Martin Wiedemann, Partner - EMEIA Internal Audit Leader, EY

C.S. 6.5 - Public Sector

Non Financial Reporting in the Public Sector

Martin Dees, Strategic Advisor, Netherlands Court of Audit

Mark Hendrix, Netherlands Court of Audit

Melvyn Neate

Soledad Llamas Tutor, Director of Internal Audit, Risk Management and Internal Control, Canal de Isabel II

C.S. 7.1 - Professional Practices

Understanding and Auditing Anti-Bribery/Corruption Programs

Hans Nieuwlands, CEO, IIA Netherlands

C.S. 7.2 - Financial Sector

Internal Audit in Fintech companies

Andrea Monti, Head of Internal Audit EMEA, APAC and Global Compliance, PayPal Inc

C.S. 7.3 - Governance, Risk and Compliance

Data Privacy - building trust in a post - GDPR world

Frédéric Vonner, Partner, Privacy Leader, PwC Luxembourg

C.S. 7.4 - Technology

What you need to know about Crypto and alternative currencies

Tim Harvey, President ACFE UK Chapter, Association of Certified Fraud Examiners

C.S. 7.5 - Public Sector

Building Internal Audit Data Analytics Competencies

Yves DecosterHead of Division, European Investment Bank

Sami ElleuchSenior Internal Auditor, European Investment Bank

15:00 - 15:50   Panel Discussion - The Future of Europe

Klaus Regling, Managing Director, European Stability Mechanism

Werner Hoyer, President, European Investment Bank

Ulrike Guerot, Professor and Head of Department, Danube-University Krems / Founder, European Democracy Lab

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