Sami Elleuch

Senior Internal Auditor

European Investment Bank 

Sami Elleuch joined the Internal Audit Department of the European Investment Bank (EIB) in 2017 as a Senior Internal Auditor. Sami has +15 years of experience in performing, managing and supervising internal and external IT audit assignments. Prior to his experience at the EIB, Sami was a Director in a Big4 company where he was leading a team of Data Analytics experts developing solutions for the automation of audit testing and delivering Data analytics internal and external audit assignments. Sami is currently working on the full deployment of EIB’s IA Data Analytics strategy. 


Friday, 20th - 12:10 p.m. to 1:00 p.m.

Concurrent session 7.5 - Building Internal Audit Data Analytics competencies 

In the current environment of rapid changes to business processes driven by organizational transformation and digitalization, many CAEs are worried that their function’s current skills and knowledge profile will not be sufficient to advance data analytics capabilities, provide impactful and timely audit coverage, and deliver needed risk and control insights to stakeholders.

Changes in business environments, emerging technologies and regulatory landscape led to consistent growth in using and generating data. To follow the pace of change and to take advantage of this data abundance, IA should adapt its methodologies and approaches to embed Data analytics in its main activities. The use of Data Analytics in a small to medium size IA function is a multivariable equation that once resolved will lead to efficient and sustainable implementation. These variables include management support and buy-in, the definition of a viable strategy that takes into account the constraints on resources and budgets, data governance and data quality and the identification of the needed competencies and tools. 

In this session, Yves Decoster and Sami Elleuch will share their experiences and will address the following questions: What are the prerequisites to building a successful IA Data Analytics strategy? What are the needed competencies? How to distribute the skills within IA? and how to select adequate tools? 

with  Yves Decoster- Head of Division - European Investment Bank

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